Joint Venture

Joint VentureI wish to share the wealth, with as many who desire to receive it.

 This is why I am offering this Opportunity!

I am offering:

*100$ for every Mobile Website under 1000$ sold by YOU.

**150$ for every Mobile Website over 1000$ sold by YOU.

This means, for every business owner You introduce to Me (after You have initially presented this whole service to them) and I receive payment for the completion of a Mobile Website.

I will GIVE You *100$ and/or **150$ personally either via:




And in some instances Cash

*Please understand, the 100$ and/or 150$ is given to You only after I have received full payment, from the introduced business owner. The 100$ and/or 150$ given to You, is based on Trust. As I see it, if I Do not reward You for Your initial Effort, I will be losing out on potential business in the future.

If You require marketing material, or Ideas on how to promote this Excellent Service.

Please contact Matt at:


Thank You!