Reputation Management

Reputation ManagementThe Reputation Management process is an easy one to explain. We will use existing positive content about your brand, or work with you to create something new, and promote it so that the search engines find it the most relevant for your brand terms. We do this to hundreds of pages, to ensure you have substantial control of your brand in the search engines. While we do not control Google, Yahoo and Bing, we understand the inner workings of their algorithm. We use industry-approved, advanced Search Engine Optimization tactics to ensure the content that you want ranked is visible.

We start by evaluating what types of positive content exist about your company online. If there is enough of this information, this will be the foundation of our promotion. If we feel that there is not enough content about your company on the web for us to complete our job, we will create content with your team and push it through social Web 2.0 sites like Blogs, Digg, Twitter, etc. The idea is to then take this content and promote it using our proven Search Engine Optimization techniques.

Reactive Reputation Management

The Internet has made every review, comment and business transaction available for everyone to see. We know no company has a perfect customer service history: you try your best. But it only takes a single customer, employee or jealous competitor to ruin your online reputation. It is just too easy for someone to make you look bad.

Overall Strategy

When our services are retained, we get to work the first day. Our primary objective is to remove the attack sites from page 1 in Google. This is where 98% of the traffic goes.

During the first month of the campaign, we will strategize on what asset sites / messaging we want to see come up in the search engines. If you are lacking asset sites, we will form deliverables on what we will be building for you. Once decided upon, we will move forward on contract deliverables in order to promote and rank these asset sites. We understand the situation you are in, and will take swift action.

Who needs it?

Any company that has been, or is about to be, the brunt of an online attack.

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