FAQQuestion: Why do I need a mobile website?

Answer: No matter how high the resolution is, mobile screens are small. All major websites (international newspapers, big shopping sites, airlines etc.) have made a mobile version that adjusts better to your screen.

A good mobile site has less data to load and you no longer have to scroll back and forth while reading a line of text. It adjusts images so they fit your screen and simplifies the layout. To see an example of how this can look like, go to:


and/or the ‘ABOUT‘ section of this website:


Question: Which phones/ mobile devices are supported?

Answer: We are currently supporting more than 13000 mobile configurations, and all major phones and platforms like Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, Htc, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, LG, Android and lots more.

Question: Can I use my own domain for my mobile site?

Answer: Yes, simply inform Us where You purchased the domain from, and We will provide the name server info.

Question: How is Your mobile sites different from My website, that fits on a mobile devices?

Answer: Our websites simply are for function. If Your site currently fits on a mobile device, and You need to zoom in to view the content, that defeats the purpose of functionality. Our mobile sites fit the screen of any mobile device, and have easy to tap/click tabs.

Simply email and/or call/text Us at:



If Your question is not listed above.