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You are probably wondering “What is the difference between a website You view on Your desktop/laptop, versus a mobile device?”

Desktop/laptop Websites:

  • Are used for branding a company, product or service.
  • More in depth descriptions on various topics.
  • Entertain (some cases).
  • Provide  background info.
  • Many other reasons…

Mobile Websites:

  • For functionality (when You are on the go, You wish to find, or contact the business You are looking for).
  • Fast and Easy navigation of Important Info (catered for customers/clients on the go).
  • Does not eat up lots of bandwidth (meaning You are not going to pay for tons of data usage on Your next mobile phone bill!).
  • Prioritizes the mobile user, some one who requires info fast and easy, while on the go…
  • Many other reasons…

Mobile Example

To see a Good example of a proper mobile site, go to:


And here are some well known Proactive businesses, that have mobile sites as well:






I will also let You in on a little secret as well, Google has two separate search engines that rank differently (One for Desktop users, and another for Mobile devices).

Google has been behind the scenes, penalizing website rankings for non-mobile friendly sites! Below is a link to Google’s Webmaster Site from a article written on February 11, 2011 about SEO jargon for mobile sites:

Official Google Webmaster Central Blog

Now that You get the picture on what each website offers, and to whom it is most catering to in the moment!

I suggest You do Your research on what is trending at the moment, and mobile usage is definitely at top of the lists.

For example, look at the graph below:

Mobile Growth Chart

So I suggest, in order to be a head of the curve, You MUST consider implementing a mobile Friendly website to Help Your customers/clients find You, before they go to Your competitor that already jumped on the mobile ready website band wagon!

Many other Mobile Marketing methods we offer are:

>>> SMS Marketing
>>> QR Codes
>>> Mobile Apps
>>> Mobile AdWords
>>> Mobile Social Media
>>> Many More…

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